Reviewing Bocchi The Rock!

Anime Reviewing in English!!

Have you ever heard of the word “bocchi”?
“bocchi” is a Japanese word meaning only one person, and is used mainly in a negative sense.
In the fall of 2022, an anime was broadcast in Japan about a girl who wants to form a band but is too lonely and alone to do so.
It was called Bocchi The Rock!
In this article, I would like to review Bocchi The Rock!

Hitori Goto was a girl who was a reputed guitarist on a video-sharing website under the name “Guitar Hero” Quote- Wikipedia

Does everyone have something to devote themselves to?


The main character, Hitori Goto, is a so-called “bocchi” girl.
She has been a “bocchi” since she was in kindergarten.
She has been unable to join the circle of “others” since she was in kindergarten, and has now reached junior high school age.
One day, feeling that there was nothing for her, that she was nothing but a loner and a laggard, she met an artist on a music show.
She started to play the guitar because of the words of an artist on a music program

She started playing guitar because of the words of an artist on a music show: “You can shine in a band even if you’re a loner.”

Such a trivial comment changed her life.

“If you form a band, maybe someone like me can shine?”

She is aware that she is a loner and that she is a loner.
She thinks that is fine, but she also has a “need for approval” inside her.
She wants to be in a band, to be pampered, and to shine.
Since childhood, she has never been part of a group of people and has no friends.
She is aware of this and wants to change it.

People cannot live alone.
Somewhere in her heart, she is looking for “someone” other than her family.
That is why she strums her guitar.

The reason for starting to play the guitar varies from person to person.
However, everyone has a desire to express themselves, to “make someone listen to music,” and at the same time, to be “popular.
and at the same time, “I want to be popular.
Every adolescent boy and girl has had the “fantasy” of performing at a school festival.
have “fantasized” about performing at a school festival.

But life doesn’t work out that way. She strums her guitar.
She practiced for six hours a day.
She couldn’t make friends, form a band, or even participate in the school festival.
She spends her days uploading “I tried playing” videos.
This is also to satisfy her need for self-expression and approval.
On the Internet, she is known as “Guitar Hero.
Although she has over 30,000 registered users
Before she knew it, she was a high school student, and her need for self-approval had become so overbearing
He is both a brooder and a loner.

She wants someone to talk to, she wants to be in a band with someone.
However, there is no way she will talk to anyone herself, and no one will talk to her.
She is a loneliness master, and a nerd person master.

The first part of the episode shows this thorough “nerdy” attitude of hers.
This is what makes the main character “Hitori Goto” so attractive and cute, and her loneliness makes many viewers sympathize with her.
The protagonist, “Goto Hitori,” is charming and cute, and her loneliness is a source of sympathy for many viewers.

The story begins when “Ijichi Nijika” talks to her.



A girl named Ijichi Nijika is a cheerful person.
She talks to the main character who was standing alone in the park
She invites him to become a temporary member of her “band.
A “yo-kai” is a person who is unaware of her “personal space”.

Each person has his or her own personal space.
Because the “wall” is thicker for the yin-yangs, they are unable to step into other people’s personal space.
personal space of others.
However, she is a “laggard” who is unable to enter into other people’s personal space because of her thick personal space.
However, a girl named “Ijichi Nijika” easily penetrates her thick personal space.

When she hears her name, she immediately calls her by her first name.
She even invites a complete stranger to join the group as a temporary member just because she has a guitar.
She even invites a complete stranger to join her as a temporary member because she has a guitar.
The protagonist’s negative attitude is quite the opposite of his positive attitude.
The gap between the main character and her is unforgettable.

Knocked down Self-Confidence

There is no small amount of “self” in the protagonist.
He has been practicing 6 hours a day since junior high school and has 30,000 registered members.
That is why she knows that her guitar is good and that she should be able to play in a band.
It is no exaggeration to say that this is the only thing she has in her mind.
But that is easily destroyed.

A band is a balance.
Playing the guitar solo and playing the guitar in a band are two different things.
The same act of playing “guitar” is different.
You listen to the drums, you listen to the bass, and you make your own sound.
If someone runs too fast, the balance of the song is easily lost.

She has the skill to play the guitar, but she does not have the skill to connect with “others.
She has a desire to form a “band.
Still, that desire alone is not enough.
However, two girls scoop up that desire.

She is a “Guitar Hero” with 30,000 registered members.
There is one such registrant right in front of you.
They don’t know she is Guitar Hero, but they praise her for being Guitar Hero.
They praise “me” for working so hard all by myself all these years.
The viewer, who until now was “invisible” because she was on the Internet, is
They are right in front of her, and they tell her what she wants to do.

That is why she honestly says, “I want to be in a band.
It is a small but significant step for her, who is a loner and a loner.
She is the first person other than her family to express her intention directly to someone else.
This is the first “exchange” she has had outside of her family.

Not only for today, but also for the next time.
She was able to experience the joy of “performing” with someone else.
She chews on the joy of “playing” with someone in a “cardboard box” (laughs).
The balance between the loneliness of the gag and the seriousness of the band’s activities is wonderful, and the more you look at it, the more you will love the characters.
The more you watch, the more you get attached to the characters and grin.